Waxy waterborne impregnating agents

IC55 Series

Series of waxy waterborne impregnating agents. These are impregnating agents formulated with renewable sources, which allow increasing, after a correct treatment of the tinted wooden substrate, resistance to solar radiation and water repellency, thanks to the characteristic provided by the presence of waxes.

The IC55 impregnating agents use resins that come from renewable sources.

These come from the waste of the agro-food industry, they are sustainable (as their production reduces the percentage of CO2 emissions in atmosphere) and they are not in competition with human nutrition; the quality and the experience of the industry, therefore, is combined with care towards the environment. All IC55 series products are “ready to use”, they do not require dilution and they are available in fourteen different colours.

Smalti all’acqua Ecosostenibili per legno per esterni
The “anti-drop” feature allows the IC55 series to be applicable on horizontal and vertical surfaces, which makes the ideal product for use on areas that are difficult to treat or that need a solution that does not drip and stain the spaces below.
Available packaging
0,75 l
13,8 cm (h) x 11,2 cm (d)
2,5 l
19,5 cm (h) x 15,8 cm (d)