Waterborne topcoats for interior

IN6 Series

Series of waterborne topcoats, in the natural effect (IN6100), matt (IN6500) and semi-gloss (IN6700) versions. These are topcoats that provide to the surface a good stains resistance from food, drinks and chemical detergents and good scratch resistance.

Furniture and furnishing accessories are particularly suffering it, and consequently, they must be adequately protected.

IN6 series is “ready to use”, it does not require dilution and it can be applied in two or three coats on a rough or pre-tinted wooden substrate, or in a single coat for simple maintenance.

Smalto per Legno per interni a Base d’Acqua per Mobili e Parquet
These waterborne topcoats guarantee excellent technical performances such as fast drying, transparency, wetting in application and grain marking.
Available packaging
0,75 l
13,8 cm (h) x 11,2 cm (d)
2,5 l
19,5 cm (h) x 15,8 cm (d)