Bright waterborne enamels

IL67 Series

Series of anti-drop bright waterborne enamels for wood for the interior. With the addition of special UV filters and radical catchers, the IO65 and IL67 series allow reaching a high level of durability and aesthetic quality of the painted product, ensuring good scratch resistance, optimal resistance to solar radiation, high breathability, chromatic coverage and grain marking.

These are bright waterborne enamels formulated using resins that come from renewable sources.

These are coming from the waste of the agro-food industry, they are sustainable and they are not in competition with human nutrition. All the products of the IL67 series require 10% dilution with water and are available in fourteen different colours, rigorously in a mono-component version.

smlti per Legno per interni a Base d’Acqua per legno per interni
The “anti-drop” feature allows the IO65 and IL67 series to be applicable on horizontal and vertical surfaces, which makes them the ideal product to be used on areas that are difficult to treat or that need a solution that does not drip and stain the spaces below.
Available packaging
0,75 l
13,8 cm (h) x 11,2 cm (d)
2,5 l
19,5 cm (h) x 15,8 cm (d)