Enamels, impregnating agents, topcoats, primer and stains: all waterborne, all Eco Sustainable.

D’AQUA is the brand of Sirca S.p.A. dedicated to the DIY market. D’AQUA offers a complete line of products suitable for painting, restoration, and maintenance of wood and metal. With D’AQUA products, it is possible to perform extravagant DIY projects while care for internal and external living spaces.


Our waterborne paints are perfect for different solutions, both for the interior and for the exterior. Our products offer several options suitable for many uses, for example impregnating agents, enamels, topcoats; all eco-sustainable.

D’AQUA Products

A complete and ecological solution suited for DIY and craftsmanship, safe and healthy for you, your home, your children, and the planet.

Find the most suitable product for your domestic work, such as enamels, primers, stains, topcoats, easy to use, which respect the environment and promote the well-being of your home.