Enamels, topcoats, primers, stains: everything waterborne, everything eco-sustainable.

D’AQUA is the brand of Sirca S.p.A. dedicated to the DIY market. D’AQUA offers a complete line of products suitable for painting, restoration and maintenance of wood and metal. With D’AQUA products it is possible to perform extravagant DIY projects and care of internal and external living spaces.


Our products are suitable for different solutions, for both indoor and outdoor. They offer several options perfect for every way of use, for examples enamels, impregnating agents, topcoats, stains, all eco-sustainable.

D’AQUA products

Discover our waterborne products series for wood and metal.

Find a suitable product for your DIY works, like enamels, impregnating agents, stains, topcoats; easy-to-use and environmental-friendly for the wellness of your home.