Waterborne topcoats for flooring

IP6 Series

Series of waterborne topcoats for flooring, specifically designed for coating or repainting internal wooden floors, in extra-matt (IP6300) and semi-gloss (IP6700) versions. Characterized by fast drying and good wetting of the substrate, they are products of great versatility. The use of these series also allows reducing unpleasant and harmful odours typical of common solvent-borne coatings.

With the IP6 series (waterborne topcoats for flooring) parquet is much more resistant and can also be used in damp environments.

All the products in the IP6 series are “ready to use”, do not require dilution and they can be applied in two or three coats, on rough or pre-tinted substrates, or in a single coat for maintenance.

finiture per Legno per interni a Base d’Acqua per legno per interni per mobili e parquet
The products also cover the wood, in order to guarantee more immediate and easy cleaning and routine maintenance: a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth are sufficient.
Available packaging
0,75 l
13,8 cm (h) x 11,2 cm (d)
2,5 l
19,5 cm (h) x 15,8 cm (d)