Traditional waterborne impregnating agents

IM30 Series

Traditional waterborne impregnating agents that allow tinting the wooden substrate, effectively protecting it thanks to the pigments contained in it. They are applicable on horizontal and vertical surfaces, giving chromatic homogeneity without hiding the distinctive features of the wood essence.

The action of atmospheric agents, combined with the typical characteristics of the wood to be painted, can cause defects and compromise the quality and durability of the applied products.

For this purpose, D´AQUA successfully combined the concepts of technical performances and aesthetic quality by formulating the series IM30, traditional waterborne impregnating agents.

Stains for exterior also called impregnating agents, are applied as a first treatment to the raw wood, to decorate and protect it from solar radiation and
unwanted colour variations caused by time.

To complete the protection of the wood, after complete drying, it is mandatory to apply, optionally, a waxy impregnating agent IC55 series, or a topcoat of IF4, IO15 or IL17 series.
Available packaging
0,75 l
13,8 cm (h) x 11,2 cm (d)
2,5 l
19,5 cm (h) x 15,8 cm (d)